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Today millions of people continue to live in effective social or ethnic ghettos, from the favelas of Brazil to the mostly black urban neighbourhoods of the United States and the predominantly north African banlieues of Paris. Now, a refugee crisis is creating new ghettoised populations, as those fleeing war or persecution find themselves in refugee camps and new lands with less-than-hospitable hosts.

And the relatively heavy police presence at the Venice ghetto earlier that day — this time to protect rather than guard it — was a grim reminder that Europe has far to go before it banishes anti-Semitism. European fertility rates are declining, but people are living longer.

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The question for Europeans today is: who will pay the pensions of future generations? The Venetians sought to manage population movements to improve the living conditions of both newcomers and those already living in the city, says Gadi Luzzatto Voghera, lecturer in Italian history at Boston University in Padova.

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How Venice invented the ghetto Inventing the ghetto. More From History. All other sites close at Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of Babies in strollers or carriers will not be permitted to enter. In addition to entertaining the children, it was intended to provide them with information about ghetto life.

The board displays a drawing of the ghetto.

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Significant ghetto sites are stations in the game: the prison, the barracks, the fort, the warehouse, the kitchen, the deportees' absorption site and others. One day, Natalia, who helped smuggle children out of the ghetto, was injured. She sent a youth to the cellar to rescue her daughter. He put Zosia into a coal sack and carried her out on his back.

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Only when they were outside the ghetto did she realize that she had left her doll in the cellar. The Jews were only permitted to take a few personal items with them to the ghetto, in the process being stripped of the homes and property that they had left behind. The ghettos were extremely crowded and often lacked basic electrical and sanitary infrastructure. Starvation increased and worsened in the ghettos and many of the inhabitants became ill or perished. Many risked their lives for higher values, such as the education of their children, preservation of religious traditions, and the fulfillment of cultural activities.

Books, intellectual pursuits, music and theater served as an escape from the harsh reality surrounding them and as a reminder of their previous lives.

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Artists and intellectuals, children and ordinary individuals, wrote and drew in order to document the fear and dread that descended upon Jewish society. These activities enabled many to rise above the degradation and humiliation that they suffered.

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Despite the murderous reality to which the Jews were exposed, many enlisted in helping the weak amongst them and founded organizations for mutual aid and welfare. Many Jews placed themselves in grave danger in order to save the lives of others, including children who risked their lives to smuggle food into the ghetto.

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Skip to main content. Drive to Yad Vashem:. For more Visiting Information click here. During the Holocaust Jews were stripped of their homes and forced to live in terrible conditions with very little food. Nevertheless, many risked their lives to help others and continue religious traditions, cultural activities and children's education.