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And yes, my laptop then crashed and died, and could only be restored after I would be back to Thailand, in exactly three days.

Notes from Your Dark Night of the Soul

No more laptop to distract me still I got my phone thank you Universe , I really had to focus inward. So I focused on listening to my soul's voice and only do things that would really nurture my soul. I finished reading a book that was sitting on my shelf for five years.

Ascension Symptoms-Dark Night of the Soul

I decluttered my desk it was so messy and threw away all the old documents that I no longer needed. I took naps during the day when I felt tired. I said no to dinner and social gatherings outside. New ideas started to come back to me again.

What Inner Strength Means in the Dark Night of the Soul

I had a new idea about my first Oct retreat and changed the format and program will be launched in the next newsletter I promise. For example, to create one piece of artwork. And I did yesterday, finally took out the paint and brushes I bought five years ago and opened them for the first time. I could now see the fears that I had, that were holding me back before but I was too proud to acknowledge them and too afraid to get outside of my comfort zone. I am grateful for all that have happened in the past few months, everything was to accelerate my spiritual growth, and to push myself outside of my comfort zone to make changes in my life.

The journey could not be completed without this support network.

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I am still in the process of recovery, hence I am taking another two weeks off from the beginning of April, to really allow myself to integrate what has happened or still happening. All our journeys are different and unique. I hope that by sharing my story, you know that you are not alone in your dark night of the soul. If there is one thing I'd like you to takeaway from my story, it would be that with every drastic change, trauma, disappointment that happens in your life, stay open and keep trusting. Know someone who may enjoy reading this article too?

Please feel free to share it with them. Trained in a number of holistic therapies including Flower Essence consultation and Hado Counseling , Tania believes that healing can take place when we start making changes from within, and it starts from listening to the voice of our soul within. Categories: Blog , Life Lessons. Tags: dark night of the soul, , inner strength.

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It is when something shocking or drastic happens, we are able to continue to have faith in the Universe, knowing that all is well and that everything happens for a reason. It is when we keep our hearts open, amidst the storm and chaos around, to continue trusting and surrendering.

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It is when we finally acknowledge and look at our fears, our dark sides, and our shadows, after periods of denial and ignorance. It is when we allow ourselves to show our vulnerable sides, and know that it is safe to receive and ask for help. It is when we set boundaries for ourselves, knowing that when we say "no" to other people, it is saying "yes" to ourselves.

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It is when we are patient with ourselves and others, even when we are in discomfort, pain or grief. It is when we listen to our emotions and our body, allowing ourselves to cry even when others keep on saying "Don't cry". Design Poster. Ageless Soul. The Soul of Christmas. The Guru of Golf.

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Dark Night of the Soul Summary

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