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Weberman introduction Poem to Joanie Limited edition of ed. London: Aloes. CS1 maint: Multiple names: authors list link Weberman, A. Privately printed.

A. J. Weberman

Weberman, Alan J. My Life in Garbology. Stonehill Press. Dylan to English Dictionary.

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New York: Yippie Museum Press. On The Tracks, issue 5. Rolling Tomes. BookSurge Publishing. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Originally released as Bob Dylan vs.

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Weberman on Folkways Records, Catalog FB , , quickly deleted for legal considerations, but circulated in various bootleg pressings. An excerpt from a transcript of the above Full transcripts: East Village Other periodical , January 19, Authors or editors unknown. Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet. Retrieved February 8, Weberman, a renegade journalist who Dylan: A Biography. Retrieved 12 September His psycho-babble about lyrics and poetry had given way to screwy soliloquies Fundamentalists interpreted the bible the way A.

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Weberman interpreted Bob Dylan's songs. Any passage could be construed to support their dogma Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music and Society, Popular Press.

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  7. Weberman declared himself a Dylanologist by which he meant that he devoted himself to castrating Dylan's songs by reducing them to biographical references. This was nothing more than old-fashioned romantic reductionism Weberman in his trivialization of Dylan's work Martin Scorsese's America.

    Celebrity stalker - of which the original obsessive Dylanologist A J. Weberman offers a prototype Grove Press. Indeed, despite his great fame, and the attention of obsessives like A. Weberman, [Dylan] seemed determined to live as normal a life as possible.

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    A.J. Weberman

    Retrieved May 11, The Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan. Running Press. Weberman, a semi-unhinged fan who rifled through his garbage October 21, Weberman claimed that the younger Dylan was a heroin addict. Weberman later applied his unusual research methods to Richard Nixon , Norman Mailer , and other celebrities, coining the term "garbology" to describe his methods and writing the book My Life in Garbology.

    Cultural anthropology anthropologists such as Dr. William A. Rathje of the University of Arizona conduct expeditions analyzing garbage to understand culture.


    Weberman attempted to expand his "Dylan Liberation Front" into a "Rock Liberation Front", intended to pressure pop musicians into greater political activity. The book includes transparent overlays, as in an anatomy textbook, so that the reader can compare the faces of the tramps briefly arrested in Dallas with photos of E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. Weberman's assertion that Hunt was involved in this action led Hunt to initiate a lawsuit, later dropped. Before his death in , Hunt told his son that he had been involved in the JFK assassination. As of , renovation of the building has been partially completed, and a charter from the New York State Board of Regents has been granted.

    Weberman, who is a member of the Yippie Museum's board of trustees, announced in early , in a typical display of Yippie spoofery, that the museum would house an Institute for the Study of Advanced Political Protest. Weberman directly. Wikimedia Foundation. Garbology — For uses of this term in reference to espionage or identity theft, see Dumpster diving A. Youth International Party — The Youth International Party, whose members were commonly called Yippies, was a highly theatrical and anti authoritarian political party established in the United States in