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So glad I bought it. You dealt with a horrible topic in a way that was thoughtful. Thank you. It's not easy, going down that road. Brave souls each and every one of them. Simone finally faced the most awful night of her life. You can actually see her getting better.

Not to forget, but remember ever detail and not let the dead be forgotten. Hopefully this helps people to understand that each person needs to deal in their own way and time.

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Sometimes it's difficult to remember that when we're trying to help friends and family. It just took a confrontation for Simone to look at the past and begin to understand that everyone was a victim. Every time I read this book it sends feelings of horror through me. Humans can be truly amazing and utterly horrible. It takes some people longer to face the terrible problems. She made up for it with her memorial art.

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The irony It allowed her to finally come out of that bathroom It have her the courage to see her life for what it was. Everyone grieves in different ways and has different methods for coping. Simone dealt with it the way that worked for her.

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Through her journey she found her peace with her art, CiCi, her best friend, Reed, mended her relationship with her parents. At the end of the book Simone was in a good place. Love was overpowering the heartache. I just finished rereading this book foe the 4th time. Still as wrenching and emotionally charged as the first time. She needed to finally face her pain. She did it in the best way she knew how, through her art. Toggle navigation. Featured Titles.

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Likes: Shares: 3 Comments: Comment on Facebook I am listening to this on audio right now! Loved it. Cici is a hoot. Well, she is a little bit psychic. That Cici is one crafty lady! Perfectly orchestrated moment. Second reading! You have to adore CiCi. She is such a unique woman!

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A wonderful scene, orchestrated by the delightful CiCi. That CiCi-choreographed meeting was priceless, the woman knows her stuff. Just finished rereading that book. So loved all the characters and interactions. Love CiCi such a great woman in this book. Great timing cici. Also one of my favourite parts. I love CiCi. I want her to adopt me.

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What a romantic at heart!! Currently rereading this. I love it. Nora Roberts 4 days ago.

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Likes: Shares: 4 Comments: Comment on Facebook I reread the book yesterday. Need to read it again. Love this book. This is one of my all-time favorite NR books. Loved this book. We all need a Mi in our lives. Just finished this today. Loved all the characters. I wish everyone could do that.

Mi is so wise and always has been. Love their friendship and how real it is. Can someone please tell me the name of part two of the Year One nook? Likes: Shares: 12 Comments: Comment on Facebook I love hearing about the writing process. Humans are pretty much engineered for fresh starts. Our brain is hardwired to respond to new stimuli as a part of our learning processes. This allows us to neurologically wire our understanding of life, ourselves and the natural order of things. It allows us to grow, to push forward into creating new stories, new inventions, to adapt.

The unending opportunity for fresh beginnings and the new discoveries they bring are a part of what makes our humanity remarkable. Even God seems to think new starts are pretty sweet.

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