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I started blogging as a hobby for fun. I had no idea that people did this as a carrier. In just the last two months since this article posted, I more than tripled my blogging income. I did the really, really slow way. Started on a free blogger site, posted when I could and muddles along learning little bits every month. Last September I started over with a brand new self hosted site that means I own it , and started putting the money that I made on the free site into training. Things like writing classes, blogging classes, graphic design etc.

Once I started paying to learn how to do things, the site grew really, really quickly.

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If you love to write, make this your hobby and just start any way you can. The thing that you could talk about forever. Fashion, parenting, an illness, food, desserts, whatever… Write about what you love. Thank you so much for all you have shared in this wonderful post. Your openness and advice are very generous, and helpful! I am semi retired, and the earn at home idea is appealing to me, too! Hey Sara! You were probably looking at the purchase screen for companies to have their websites tested.

You can totally do this Melissa! These are all fantastic ideas! That is so smart and resourceful! Like, unbelievable.

My absolute best advice when it comes to quitting your job is to find a hobby that has the potential to make money and start crafting it. Re-purposing home and furniture pieces is a great idea! How do you pay for taxes on these side jobs? Do you keep track of it and have to file wit taxes? I get nervous about that. Hi Julie! You definitely have to pay taxes.

I use Quickbooks self employed and love it. With the day care. The others are nominal amounts… I give them to my accountant and she figures it out. Thank you so much!! I am so ready to be a stay at home mom!! You can do it Julie! This is a great list but I find it troubling that she is doing these 15 minute computer tests while running her in home daycare.

10 Crazy Ways To Make $10,000 You’ve Never Heard Of

If I was paying someone to watch my kids, I would want her to watch my kids, not let them play on the iPad while she was making money doing computer tests. I understand she might be doing these while nursing as well, but her advice to keep the computer turned up loud so you can hear the ping sounds sad for a daycare provider.

Just my thoughts. Otherwise, great ideas!

The many ways PayPal can support your business.

Hi Emily! I should have clarified that. I usually leave it up though on weekends and in the evenings. Great post! I really need to figure that out! Malia, keep it up and check out the Elite Blog Academy! I have a head injury that prevents me from driving, working. But buying jeans at a thrift store might work for me. What thrift store did you go to? Did they have routine half off days or did you just watch for their sales? I appreciate you information and help! Marcia, I had to go to several thrift stores in my area to find the best deals on jeans. They are all local thrift stores, as the larger chain stores tend to not have the best deals.

Most of the time the sales are on a pretty strict schedule, so just just have to figure out what days have the deepest discounts.

10 Crazy Ways To Make $10,000 You’ve Never Heard Of

Great article! I am currently exploring some of these options to start bringing in some much needed extra income as a SAHM. Jennifer recently posted… Finding My Happy. Norwex is also really a friendly company for work at home moms. Thanks for this post! Could you elaborate a bit on how one would go about starting an Ebay business?

2. Rent Out Your Space

I am considering doing so, but am not sure how to get started with it. Also, how did you get free shipping materials from USPS? There are some requirements listed here: How to Start an Ebay Store Some people sell regular new products like any other store, and some sell used or hard to find items, kind of like an online thrift store. These are some awesome ideas! Thank u and all the best to you! I really admire women who get out of their comfort zone and become creative,inventive,wiser and cooler mums! I was home with my 2yr old son,pregnant to my daughter and then started doing nappy cakes and selling through fb!

Diversity and inclusion: are employers doing...

When you are looking for something,opportunities come knocking your door! Now I get paid to travel,been to 19 trips in a year and cant way to show my kids the world! I love to travel. I would love a good paying, traveling job. Any info.

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Totally agree!